Our History

Generations Healthcare began operations in January 1998 with a single 89-bed skilled nursing facility. Generations has since grown to 29 facilities comprising over 3,300 licensed beds. When Generations began business, it started with a very simple business strategy: focus on quality and service while remaining mindful of the challenges and changes facing older adults in today’s world. Since its inception, Generations has established an excellent reputation in the communities served by its facilities. Generations has built this reputation through a concerted focus on quality and service.

Our Mission and Our Philosophy

Generations Healthcare was founded upon the belief that caring for the sick, the elderly, and the infirm is a special and sacred stewardship. It is our mission to have this belief reflected in everything we do: in the presentation of our homes, in the professionalism of our staff, and in the daily delivery of care to our residents and their families. It is our purpose that whoever enters a Generations home will be met with kindness, competence, and compassion.
  • Establish a vision of quality
  • Develop high standards of performance
  • Provide the necessary resources (training, expectations, capital, systems, procedures)
  • Attract superior talent
  • Focus on building, not maintaining
  • Build through serving
  • Measure progress timely and accurately
  • Develop a reputation of competence and excellence
  • Respect others
  • Expect extraordinary results

Management Team

tom olds

Thomas Olds


Senior Leadership

Lois Mastrocola

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Craig

Director of Operations

Marissa L. Brandel

General Counsel

Dan Bushnell

Regional Director of Operations – Central

Jason Nagy

Regional Director of Operations – South

Andrew Boyd

Regional Director of Operations – North

Thomas Jurbala

Director of Operations for Behavioral Health

Troy Reese

Director of Clinical Services

Marsha Chinichian

Clinical Director of Behavioral Health

Judie Williams

Director of HR

Michelle Rubeshaw

Director of HR

Scott Dagenais

Director of TheraGen Rehabilitation

Merry Rogers

Compliance Officer

Jim Geddie

Administrator & Special Projects Leader

John Mastrocola

Director of Special Projects

Nadine Heideman

Assistant Director, TheraGen

Tracie Murray

Regulatory and Operations Advisor

Sneha Patel

Chief Information Officer