Firefighters Honor Temecula Healthcare Residents on Father’s Day

Aug 9, 2022

Temecula Healthcare residents were thrilled this Father’s Day when members of the Temecula Fire Department made a surprise appearance at their Father’s Day party. The visit was particularly special because two residents, Harold Stephens and Michael Massone, are former firefighters, and their families were in attendance as well.

Activities director Marina Raboin planned the party, hoping that the surprise visit would make the event extra special. The Temecula Fire Department drove up in their E84 accompanied by Captain Adams, FAE Doerr, FFE Chiaravalloti, and FFE Sola. Together, the attendees enjoyed live entertainment, refreshments, and the recognition of Stephens and Massone as former firefighters.

Stephens is part of a long legacy of firefighters.

“The Harold Stephens Family has been active in fire departments throughout Southern California since 1940,” says Stephens’ wife Jane Stephens. “Harold Stephens Sr. became a Los Angeles City fireman in 1940. He started out as a fireman, then became an engineer and then a captain. He served the city for 38 years. Harold Stephens Jr. became a fireman in 1961 and served the city for 28 years. . . . Harold’s brother-in-law became a Montebello fireman in 1975 and eventually became chief in that city. His son, Harold’s nephew, joined the Monrovia Fire Department in 2010. He was a fireman, paramedic, and then a captain, which is a position he still holds today.”

Honoring family and history is a significant part of Generations Healthcare’s mission of caring for a lifetime. Many thanks to the Temecula Fire Department for helping us fulfill that mission!