Generations Healthcare Announces Grand Opening of New Behavioral Health Building in Lakeside, CA

Jun 12, 2024

The new building on Lakeside Special Care Center’s campus is the latest development in Generations Healthcare’s rapidly expanding behavioral health program.

LAKESIDE, CA—June 6, 2024—Generations Healthcare is thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new behavioral health building on the Lakeside Special Care Center campus, located in Lakeside, CA. The press and public are invited to celebrate the grand opening on June 13, from 3 to 7 p.m. 

While Lakeside Special Care Center has operated its special treatment program since 2020, this brand-new building will allow for a much-needed expansion of its behavioral health services. 

“I’m thrilled to officially open our new building and provide mental health services to even more patients in need,” said Jamie Boehs, administrator of Lakeside Special Care Center. “The mental health care we offer can be life-changing — not only for our patients but also for the community.”

The new building at Lakeside is just one initiative associated with Generations’ expanding behavioral health program. According to Thomas Jurbala, director of operations for behavioral health at Generations Healthcare, special treatment programs will be an ongoing investment for Generations as a whole.

“Expanding our treatment offerings has been and will continue to be a priority,” Jurbala said. “I’ve seen first-hand the benefit that our special treatment programs have on patients and their outcomes. With this new building, we’re proud to be able to offer these services to an even greater number of patients.”

Join the Generations team in celebrating the grand opening of the new building at Lakeside Special Care Center on June 13 at 11962 Woodside Ave. in Lakeside from 3 to 7 p.m.

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About Generations Healthcare

Generations Healthcare began with a single, 89-bed skilled nursing facility in 1998. It has since grown to 30 facilities with more than 3,300 licensed beds. Eight facilities offer behavioral health services, bringing Generations’ care and beliefs to another sector of the industry. Generations was founded on the belief that caring for the elderly and infirm is a sacred stewardship. Since its inception, Generations has established an excellent reputation in the communities served by its facilities, building this reputation through a concerted focus on quality and service.