Generations Healthcare’s Thomas Jurbala to join Nightingale Foundation’s Board of Directors

Aug 17, 2023

Nightingale Foundation and Generations Healthcare are pleased to announce that Thomas Jurbala has been invited to join the Nightingale Foundation’s board of directors. Jurbala is the Director of Business Development at Generations Healthcare and brings years of healthcare experience to the table.

Jurbala is deeply involved in the healthcare industry and has 30 years of experience in the building and program development of skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care and behavioral health facilities. His knowledge and expertise give him a unique perspective and insight as he joins the Nightingale Foundation in improving the landscape for nursing professionals and their patients.

“We are thrilled to have Thomas Jurbala join our board of directors and bring his extensive experience to benefit the foundation,” says Katy Shoemaker, executive director of the Nightingale Foundation. “His vast understanding of a variety of fields makes him a valuable asset to our organization. We are proud to have caring individuals like Thomas as members of our team.”

As the healthcare industry faces a massive shortage of qualified nurses, the Nightingale Foundation is devoted to improving health outcomes, promoting health equity and enhancing the quality of healthcare. Between 2020 and 2021 alone, the nursing field lost more than 100,000 nurses. The nursing workforce is in dire need of new nurses to address the growing shortage, especially as more Baby Boomers retire.

The Nightingale Foundation works to address this shortage by providing scholarships, interest-free loans and other options to help nursing students in need fund their education. The foundation’s mission is to help give nursing students the necessary resources to complete their training and enter the workforce. As more well-educated nurses enter the workforce and bring staffing numbers higher, patients’ health outcomes improve. Research has shown better nurse staffing leads to fewer deaths, lower infection rates and shorter hospital stays.

“In my years working in the skilled nursing arena, I have seen the incredible impact dedicated nurses have on health outcomes for patients,” says Jurbala. “I am excited to begin working with the Nightingale Foundation to ensure caring, hard-working nursing students are given every opportunity to succeed in their education and thrive in their future careers.”

About Generations Healthcare

Generations Healthcare began with a single, 89-bed skilled nursing facility in 1998. It has since grown to 29 facilities with more than 3,300 licensed beds. Eight of these facilities offer Behavioral Health services, bringing Generations’ care and beliefs to another sector of the industry. Generations was founded on the belief that caring for the elderly and infirm is a sacred stewardship. With a concerted focus on quality and service, Generations has provided compassionate care and established an excellent reputation in the communities it serves.

About Nightingale Foundation

The Nightingale Foundation was established in 2023 to support current and future learners attending Nightingale College with the resources they need to become graduates. It aims to improve health outcomes and address the nursing shortage by providing better access to pre- and post-licensure nursing education. Through scholarships and interest-free student loans, the foundation can provide resources to traditionally underserved and underrepresented student populations.