Gramercy Court Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Opens New Special Treatment Program

Nov 10, 2023

Generations Healthcare is proud to announce the addition of a new special treatment program at Gramercy Court Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

The facility’s innovative new special treatment program (STP) is designed to treat patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who are unable to live independently. The STP features a 36-bed locked unit in a beautiful facility that feels like home inside and out on the spacious, thoughtfully designed grounds.

About one in 20 adults — more than 14 million people — in the United States have a serious mental illness. For people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, mental illness can make it difficult to live independently and contribute to their communities. In fact, 70-90% of people with schizophrenia and 40–60% of people with bipolar disorder find it difficult to live independently and maintain a steady job. Gramercy Court’s STP is designed to not only manage patients’ mental illness but also work toward getting patients back into their communities and living independently again.

Kendra Noonan, administrator at Gramercy Court Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, says the facility is able to offer services that cannot be found anywhere else. Gramercy Court is able to provide two levels of service to patients, including mental health and addressing medical needs. The facility can also accept adult patients of any age.

Generations Healthcare’s mission is to care for patients with kindness, competence and compassion. This mission is especially important in the special treatment program, where patients with mental illness often have dealt with trauma, self-neglect or unstable living environments. At Gramercy Court, patients will be met with caring staff in a remodeled facility designed to feel like home.

Gramercy Court has gone to great lengths to provide a safe and secure facility for patients while also ensuring a clean and welcoming environment. Patients in the locked facility have spacious rooms with nice furnishings, common areas with TVs and indoor and outdoor recreation areas.

“We are proud to provide quality care to our patients with mental illness,” Noonan says. “Our staff embodies compassionate service and enjoys getting to know patients and helping them graduate from the program.”

About Generations Healthcare

Generations Healthcare began with a single, 89-bed skilled nursing facility in 1998. It has since grown to 29 facilities with more than 3,300 licensed beds. Eight of these facilities offer behavioral health services, bringing Generations’ care and beliefs to another sector of the industry. Generations was founded on the belief that caring for the elderly and infirm is a sacred stewardship. With a concerted focus on quality and service, Generations has provided compassionate care and established an excellent reputation in the communities it serves.

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