How to Snag One of the 1 Million New Healthcare Jobs

Aug 9, 2022

You’ll never again be as young as you were when you started reading this sentence.

It’s the one thing we all have in common: aging. According to the California Department of Aging, “By 2030, 10.8 million Californians will be an older adult, making up one-quarter of the state’s population.”

This means that the need—and opportunity—for entry-level healthcare workers is greater than ever, and that’s why California created the Master Plan for Aging. The plan has five major goals, including one target to create 1 million high-quality caregiving jobs. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a nurse, home health aide, occupational therapist, or another entry-level healthcare position, now is the time! You can

  • have your education paid for,
  • start in healthcare to grow your career, and
  • get support from career counseling and placement programs.

Have Your Education Paid For

If you want to be a nurse but education is cost prohibitive, know that there are lots of resources to help. First, California law requires employers to reimburse you for required training if you’re applying for a direct patient care position or at general acute care hospitals. Second, nursing students can often get loan forgiveness that other students can’t get.

Additionally, some skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities will reimburse your nursing school tuition while you work as a CNA for them. For example, Generations Healthcare’s Gramercy Court in Sacramento will reimburse $2,000 of your tuition as you work for them as a CNA.

There are so many financial resources to help you become an entry-level healthcare worker. Don’t let the cost keep you from pursuing a fulfilling career in healthcare!

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