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Services Offered

No matter what stage of life our residents are in, our goal is to maximize their independence, maintain their dignity, and give them the freedom to make their own choices. We believe that the more our residents can be independent, the healthier they are and the better they feel.

But there comes a time when we all could use a helping hand, even for basic activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, grooming, or taking medications. At Heritage Court, we recognize those needs and provide just the right amount of help to provide support while maintaining each resident’s independence.

  • Access to PT, OT, and ST therapy services
  • Special intercom and emergency call button for 24-hour assistance
  • Group and individual activities, including fairs, museums, parks, and
  • Individualized services plan to meet personal goals
  • Delicious therapeutic meal plans and options, including seasonal menus
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Skilled Nursing

At Heritage Court, we share a campus with a skilled nursing facility, allowing our residents to receive care they wouldn’t receive elsewhere. Our wonderful staff members—including registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants—are trained and qualified to carry out your physician’s orders, providing attention day and night.

Resident Activities

Rest and relaxation are crucial to a happy, healthy life. At Heritage Court, we offer a variety of resident-centered activities for residents to choose from. Whether you prefer individual activities in the comfort of your own room or choose to partake in our daily social group activities, our staff is here to help promote your well-being.

Patient Experience

I am new to this “parent housing” situation. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this facility to willingly accept my parents at a time when my option of finding them a suitable place was running out. A special shout out to Jeremiah Johnson for the heartfelt welcome and the down-to-earth personality he has exhibited which made me comfortable from the very first phone call I made. He made me feel that I was the only person that he was attending to, and the extra attention he has given to my parents made me confident that they will be alright and taken care of.

Both my parents were in their nursing facility for about three weeks, and they were very well attended by the nurses, the cleaning staff, the receptionist, and even their maintenance guy. Thank you, Natalie, for making my parents laugh with your humor!

The facility is located in a quiet neighborhood in Upland. The grounds are well-maintained, and the buildings are what you expect from something that was built in the ’80s but well kept.

My parents have now since moved to their assisted living area, and they are loving the food being served and the spacious room overlooking the mountains. There are also hardwood floors throughout the hallways.

I would highly recommend this place. They listen and care deeply like a second family.

Carmela L., ★★★★★ on Yelp