Why Being a Caregiver Is a Great Job

Aug 9, 2022

By Jennifer Durrant

You need a job—something that will pay the bills and not be too torturous.

You could apply to be a sandwich artist at your local sub shop. They’re always hiring, and how hard can it be to spread mayo, arrange cheese triangles and squirt an array of condiments out of a squeeze bottle for hours at a time?

But then you notice that there’s a CNA position open at your local skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, and the wheels in your mind slowly start turning. “Could I handle that type of job?” “Am I qualified?” “Would I need extra training?” “Am I up for the challenges?” “Could this turn into a long-term career choice?” “Does it offer opportunities for advancement?”

And, honestly, aren’t those the types of weighty questions you want to be asking—as opposed to, say, “Hey, do you want oil and vinegar on that?”
Even if caregiving is something you’ve never envisioned yourself doing before, now may be the perfect time to expand your horizons and seriously consider the possibilities.

Here’s four reasons why:

  • Caregiving positions have great benefits.
  • It’s a good launchpad for a long-term career.
  • Caregiving is fulfilling.
  • It’s flexible, and you’ll be able to get a job no matter where you go.

Let’s examine each of these reasons in more detail:

Caregiving positions have great benefits.

Let’s face it: The pandemic has been really hard on healthcare workers, with 66 percent of critical care nurses considering leaving their jobs because of it. Still, caregiving environments have been becoming steadily safer through widespread vaccinations and federal, state and local mandates. Caregivers remain extremely essential, so healthcare employers are making these jobs even more attractive. When you become a caregiver, you’ll be offered these benefits:

  • Higher wages, up to 30 percent higher than recent wages, in some cases!
  • Sign-on bonuses. Need an extra $250 for the holidays? Many caregiving jobs offer just that when you meet certain conditions.
  • Tuition reimbursement: If you’d like to be a nurse, doctor of occupational therapy, rehab specialist or anything similar, become a caregiver. Many healthcare employees will pay for your schooling.

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